Thursday, 2 July 2015

Chilling in a heatwave

Since us Brits are so renowned for talking about the weather, it seemed apt that that should be the focus of my first 'proper' post (you don't really count the introduction do you?). Not really sure what to talk about? Let's wheel out the weather! Marvellous. As it happens, we had quite a lot of weather yesterday in the form of full-on heat and sunshine. Of course, in the UK we bring out the shorts, the flip flops and the barbecues the second it hits 15 degrees Celsius and the rain stops for five minutes. But yesterday it actually hit the low 30s and was therefore 'properly hot'. 

My son is still in preschool (only two more weeks to go though!) and a three day week means he has Wednesdays and Fridays off at the moment. I had planned for us to go to Wellington Country Park yesterday but, given how hot it ended up being, I'm really glad we just had a chill out day at home instead. This was confirmed to me at 10am at the skate park (where X had decided he wanted to roll his football whilst there was nobody else there) and it was already roasting hot. It clearly wasn't going to get any cooler as the day went on. 

The problem with chill out days is they can sometimes be a bit boring. Don't get me wrong, I love Lego and toy cars and Tiny Pop as much as the next person but they can sometimes get a bit tedious to be perfectly honest if you've got a whole day of it. Luckily today, we had a new paddling pool to try out. Nothing fancy but at 5.5 ft across it is a lot bigger than the baby size one we had before. So this kept one little boy very happy for the day. 

X was in and out of the pool for the majority of the day. I got my feet in too which was bliss. There was also plenty of fun to be had courtesy of a trick torch which squirts water that came free with this month's Cars magazine. He barely tired of that one all day! Best £2.99 I've spent for a while. In between water fun, there was ice cream and time inside doing activities from his magazine and relaxing with a bit of TV (and a cup of tea in my case of course). Simple pleasures but sometimes those days are the best. Chilling out on a summer's day with my beautiful little boy :-)

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